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Aaton Keylink

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Subject: Re: Aaton keykode system

re:opinions on Keylink....

Having had some experience ( at #$^ at  at !)  with the old Aaton two box system,  I
was a steadfast skeptic.  That system was engineered so badly that I could
not believe that they could get their act together.  I have to admit that I
was wrong.

The new Keylink" system is for the most part reliable.  As I remember, there
was one gottcha...having todo with software upgrades and system installs,
like...the floppy drive is set to be "b" when you receive the pc, but the
software is written to install on "a".    This can be a problem when the
session is crashing, and you are desperage to re-load system software.

The resolution of the pickup is vastly improved, so are the procedures for
optimizing it and storing the info.  

The time code reader generator proved solid.  All in all it was refreshing to
be able to be fairly confident that a problem is NOT the Aaton system.
 Rather than the other way 'round

Merry Christmas Everyone!!
Rob, safe trip, and thanks for all the work this past year.

D. Chapman

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