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  OFFICE MEMO                                                 Time:
                      RE>AATONCODE                                  12-16-95

For all you guys setting up new Keykode shops and considering Aaton systems:

As one of the earlier users of Aatoncode (NBC "Tattingers" and "Nick & Hillary"
1988), and one of the last guys to still have the original "Blue Box" interface,
I can tell you that the new Aaton systems have improved IMMENSELY over the
years. I think the quantum leap in the success of the product was when Aaton
moved it out of the R&D area and made a dedicated effort to treat it as a real,
manufactured PRODUCT. As Martha Stewart would say, "It's a good thing."

Meanwhile, if you ever want to put things in perspective, just come on over with
some Aatoncode footage and let me show you our BlueBox S/N 46... I don't think
there ever was a S/N 666 for these puppies!