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Re: Re... Aaton Keykode System

I'd have to agree with Seamus, who wrote a fairly comprehensive and accurate
account of the Aaton system, neglecting only to mention the joy of handsfree,
automatic syncing when using properly executed Aatoncode footage. No more out
of focus, overexposed time code slates. In fact, no slates at all (although
still recommended as a backup whenever possible). Also, I believe it to be a
more accurate keykode reader than the Evertz/Cinema Products combination. To
my recollection, the Keylink never misread by a frame due to a change in the
perf offset.  The only drawback in the Aatoncode sync system is that due to
the TC chase mode of the Nagra, a longer audio preroll (7 secs.) is
recommended in order to lock audio to picture at the camera flash. No more
TLC reader mode 8.
Good luck, and Happy Holidays to all!

David Bernstein
The Post Group