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Re: Re... Aaton Keykode Sys

 Reply to:     RE>>Re... Aaton Keykode System
Thanks for mentioning these two items. We sometimes get too involved in the tech
and forget common sense!

If you don't NEED the slate-freedom, then use a slate... and adhere to
conventional rules, like having it in frame and in focus.

However, it's nigh impossible to get 7 seconds of sound preroll these days. Come
on fellas, it's only cheap thin rusty plastic.


Date: 12-18-95  7:35

In fact, no slates at all (although still recommended as a backup whenever

The only drawback in the Aatoncode sync system is that due to the TC chase mode
of the Nagra, a longer audio preroll (7 secs.) is recommended in order to lock
audio to picture at the camera flash.

David Bernstein
The Post Group