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Re: Re... Aaton Keykode Sys

On 18 Dec 1995 12:41:06 U, you wrote:
>However, it's nigh impossible to get 7 seconds of sound preroll these days. Come
>on fellas, it's only cheap thin rusty plastic.

As someone who spends a LOT of time on film sets (probably 150 days this
year), it has been my observation that unless the producer or director
SPECIFICALLY insists on the 7 second preroll, any sound mixer who delays
the "action" cue for seven seconds after film rolls will have a hard time
being rehired by that production company, and everyone from the DP on down
will give him/her no end of grief about it.

Film people are used to having speed a second or so after the AD calls for
the roll, and their impatience knows no bounds.

No mixer will risk losing repeat work because you are going to have a tough
time syncing it up later.

The moral is that the above-the-line people who control the money have to
be convinced that it is in their best (financial) interest to have the
preroll happen.  Then it will happen.