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Re: Re... Aaton Keykode Sys

On Mon, 18 Dec 95 14:22 PST, you wrote:
>On Dec 18, 22:15, Bob Kertesz wrote:
>} Subject: Re: Re... Aaton Keykode Sys
>> Film people are used to having speed a second or so after the AD calls for
>> the roll, and their impatience knows no bounds.
>But Bob, can't a good mixer anticipate the slate, and be rolling the
>preroll in advance?  

Sure, but it's not always practical.  

With more mixers using DAT, and therefore having 60 minute capacity tapes,
the loss of wasted tape is not a big deal.  But Nagras running at 15 ips
with much smaller loads mean the mixer has to reload more often, and they
don't like that.

Also, the mixer is often situated dozens of feet from the camera and the
sad fact is that shooting involves hours of waiting around in boredom
interspersed with minutes of actual film rolling.  Although the theory is
that we are all paying rapt attention to everything going on, in practice
(especially if you're a distance from the camera) you tune yourself to the
AD's voice and listen for "ready...and...rolling."

Having said all that, it is true that if the mixer is paying attention, and
is aware that the post process requires a decent amount of preroll, it
should not be a big deal to put a 7-10 second preroll on most takes.