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Re: Aaton keykode system

>As you would expect, Evertz makes time
>code readers that can recover four-line VITC, the most popular of which is
>the Afterburner.   And of course Aaton makes a time code reader that works
>with three-line VITC called the Postburner.  These VITC encoding schemes were
>supposed to help filmmakers along with their logging, but I have yet to see
>any widespread use of them for that (or any other) purpose.

Actually, we've been using it for over 3 years now. We make negative
cutting cassettes (with key window) after a show's auto assembly (done on
DCT). This is possible because we encode the VITC into the D1 data stream.
We built a digital data inserter in 1992 specifically for this purpose
(when we went all D1 in our telecine rooms). Although Evertz showed a
digital inserter over a year ago, I really don't know whether its ever been
released. Does anyone else do data insertion in D1??

Mike Most
Encore Video, L.A.

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