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Re: Audio Preroll/Aaton Keykode

I have worked with many low-to-respectable budget feature productions where,
due to sloppiness or a furious shooting schedule, minimal preroll is a
problem.  Well, let me tell you folks, one call to the producer will cure
that ailment.  Once you explain it in the producers' native tongue, that is
dollars and transfer ratios, you'll see that pesky preroll problem clear up
faster than you can say "overbudget".

I don't know what kind of magic occurs on the set, whether it falls on the
shoulders of the Prod. Mixer or becomes the AD's responsibility to cue the
Prod. Mixer earlier, but the problem usually clears right up.  Audio tape is
one of the cheapest Production supplies on the set.  7 - 10 seconds? ...No

Re:  Aaton-Keykode

I've worked exclusively with Evertz and Keylog and am very comfortable with
it.  Although I recognize the many benefits of the Aaton system, one drawback
for me is the lack of list editing.  Again, working mainly in low-to-medium
budget feature dailies, to not have the ability to adjust ins and outs after
laying down a take could make for a very sloppy file and pass on more work to
the assistant editor.

I admit naivete, not having experience the day-to-day workings of Aaton, but
isn't this a hinderence?  Is there any need for a list editing feature?  Does
Aaton include this ability in any of their software versions?

Seasons Greetings to all, and a prosperous New Year!!