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Re: Aaton keykode system

> This is possible because we encode the VITC into the D1 data stream.
>We built a digital data inserter in 1992 specifically for this purpose
>(when we went all D1 in our telecine rooms). Although Evertz showed a
>digital inserter over a year ago, I really don't know whether its ever been
>released. Does anyone else do data insertion in D1??
>Mike Most
>Encore Video, L.A.

The Evertz D1 VITC keyer is in all rooms doing dailies at Modern Videofilm.
They have had good luck with it.  Rick Heslip (Editel, LA Rushes, etc.)
altered the Accom encoder proms to unblank the vertical interval in order to
pass the  digital VITC in 525 and 625.I'm not positive, but I believe Sunset
is also using a similar setup. Some people have been wary of keying VITC
into D1 because there was no offical standard (is there now?). However, from
what I saw it worked well. The afterburner was able to retrieve the windows
easily, if the operators did't get stuck in "menu hell". ;-)