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Re: Audio Preroll

  I too work on a wide variety of low budget/medium productions. I usually
set my pre-roll at the beginning of a shift to 3 seconds.  Assuming I use a
Nagra!  I don't have too much of a problem getting a lock light for my edit.
If I encounter a problem it's usually related to something a longer pre-roll
won't fix.  Of course I'm not saying we don't need lots of pre-roll because
we do.  It can't hurt, it's cheap, and you never know what problem looms
around the corner.  And if I could get producers to listen to me enough to
get them to add 3 or 4 seconds of pre-roll, I'd be a much more powerful
person in Hollywood!

I think the 8025 is Evertz's digital keyer!

Happy Holidays to all, thank you for the interesting topics!
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