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Aatoncode/Flex problem

                                                       9:41 AM
                                     Aatoncode/Flex problem
I've been following the thread on the Aaton reader. A recent difficulty prompts
me to add to it. Our system is running 5.20 software. I discovered that the unit
will not create a FLeX list with match frame accurate R-VTR timecode numbers
when using Aatoncode. Depending on the manual event mode used, we see a
consistent 5 frame gap or a one second and 5 frame gap between the R-VTR  "out"
time of an event and the "in" time of the next event. In the case of auto
logging of events, the in/out time gap is variable without a repeatable pattern.
I'm wondering if anyone on our list has seen this effect and can suggest a