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Keylink, Keycode, Aatoncode

dear Bill,

Thank you for saying the Keylink is immensely improved over the 1987 
"blue box", it is true that in these pre-Keycode years we had to learn 
the hard way how to handle film codes on a telecine.  Remember, we were 
alone and lonely at that time.
Furthermore the 29.99fps  3/2 pulldown NTSC was quite an unfamiliar beast 
to our 25 / 25 PAL happy european engineers...

You are right saying that 7 sec of rusty plastic is not a  big deal, but 
do you know that some facilities  here in Europe are also using audio 
disks the way cheyl at enterprz.crawford.com does ?

For those who don't want to spend Nagra to disk copy time, there is 
another way to totally eliminate the audio tape preroll syndrom : that's 
the Keylink "catch/uncatch" mode which lets the slowest Nagra get the 
code and be in-sync on the very first frame of the take.  
On top of that, "catch" insures you to get the valid Keycode of the take 
which eliminates the risk to insert and database-memorize a Keycode 
belonging to the preceding take (in case  you are transfering short takes 
on an edited negative).

To those complaining about the non-editability of  Keylink databases, I 
will finish my preach saying that Keylink Version 5.21 brings a Border 
Mover that John Waynes would be jealous of.

Merry Xmas,
Jean-Pierre Beauviala/Aaton