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reply to Aaton Sync - Random Access

Jim Linder,

In the early days we actually did use a Post Pro as the Random Access 
Audio medium. But that was simply for testing and fun.

The random access DDR of choice is the DD1000 for our Aaton and Arri 
telecine sessions.  The DD1000 offers quite a few options including 
cross resolving between 60Hz and 50Hz references, pitch correction, 
speed modifications and much more.  The menus can get very deep.

As far as DAT ATR's go, the Sony 7030 is Crawford's primary work 
horse.  Again, like the DD1000 is is heavily menu driven and offers 
many useful extras.  The 7030 in most cases can lock to external 
timecode from the Keylink or the Evertz in about 2 seconds.
Between camera stops and starts we require very little roll up time.  
When using DAT in an instant sync session, the only thing that will 
foul up the process is when lots of wild sound has been recorded in 
between sync coverage.  The DAT can only cue up so fast.
I always recommend to our clients that wild tracks be recorded on a 
separate cassette from the sync material.  ( when possible)

Over the past year, most of our jobs have been on DAT and the DD1000 
DDR has not been used much at all.

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!