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New Sony Camcorder

Just looked through the latest SMPTE Journal.  Sony has a lengthy article in
it about their latest Digital Betacam product, a camcorder.  Although the
subtitle of the article leads you to think that they now consider Electronic
Cinematography perfected, they go out of their way in the text to stress that
they aren't promoting it as a direct replacement for 35mm film, but as an
"alternative" tool.

In the numerous comparisons between a piece of film on a telecine and their
new camera, I spotted a few technical "glitches."  I would have to hazard a
guess that the writers might not be totally versed in the philosophy of
modern telecine design.  Yet that should not detract from what appears to be
an interesting and very fine piece of technology.  State-of-the-art video
cameras are vastly improved over what they were making just a few years ago,
and it is probable that they will continue to get even better. Any thoughts
on what the future of the film-to-tape business holds out there?

Happy new year to all!

Christopher Bacon
DuArt Film & Video