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Pogle/DAT syncing

I am recently having problems with drifting tc-offsets while syncing up from 
A plus/minus one frame drift on takes that were shot back to back on two 
productions I'm working on. The tapes seem to be fine - recorded in 30fps NDF 
correct pulldown. I'm working with a pogle version 2 and tried the Sony 7030 
and a
Fostex dat. Since I don't have a dat in my bay, I'm using one of the dat's in 
our audio

However, the offset doesn't stay consistent on back to back takes - jamming 
(or rather NOT jamming) the smartslate often enough doesn't seem to be the 
Even worse, on several occasions the stix are a frame early/late and after 
reperforming the edit the clap is right on. Has anyone experienced something 
like that while working with dat or is that more likely a problem in my bay? I 
had my audio-guy's feed the video reference from my room into the dat to make 
sure the dat is running of the same ref. than the pogle is.

Might that be just a wrong setting in the pogle's dat setup? I never had this 
kind of
a problem on 1/4"/Linx transfers.

Any idea's?

Kay Sievert