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Re: Pogle/DAT syncing

Check whether the DAT is set to 29.97 or 30 fps reference TC. The setting
depends on whether the field DAT is recorded with SMPTE code or post
stripped. If field recorded, 30 should be correct. The 7030 does different
math depending on which setting is applied. Hope this helps. Happy New Year
to you and to all our compadre's out there.

>I am recently having problems with drifting tc-offsets while syncing up from
>A plus/minus one frame drift on takes that were shot back to back on two
>productions I'm working on. The tapes seem to be fine - recorded in 30fps NDF
>correct pulldown. I'm working with a pogle version 2 and tried the Sony 7030
>and a
>Fostex dat. Since I don't have a dat in my bay, I'm using one of the dat's in
>our audio
>However, the offset doesn't stay consistent on back to back takes - jamming
>(or rather NOT jamming) the smartslate often enough doesn't seem to be the
>Even worse, on several occasions the stix are a frame early/late and after
>reperforming the edit the clap is right on. Has anyone experienced something
>like that while working with dat or is that more likely a problem in my bay? I
>had my audio-guy's feed the video reference from my room into the dat to make
>sure the dat is running of the same ref. than the pogle is.
>Might that be just a wrong setting in the pogle's dat setup? I never had this
>kind of
>a problem on 1/4"/Linx transfers.
>Any idea's?
>Kay Sievert
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