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>From Remote                   RE>DAT SYNC... NOT
Kay- Sounds like some strange things going on there! Not sure which are synchro-
related (Pogle) and which are DAT-related (7030), but just to be able to  narrow
it down, please make sure your 7030 is set for 30 NDF (TC REF) just  like a
"normal" sync-smart job. Aslo, make sure the DAT is locked to VID  REF (front
panel switch) and that the SYNC NARROW is OFF. This is a locking  window- you
must turn it off so the window is WIDE, this allows the DAT to  change speed -.1%
to match the 23.98fps of the Rank. Without this set, you  will experience the
typical drift of about 1.5 frame/minute (108 frames/hr). 

To get to the SYNC NARROW menu, you have to "open" one of the submenus, or  set
it to "enhanced" or something like that- can't remember offhand. Good  luck. -bt