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Keycode formats for data

Earlier last month I asked around about conversion programs for Keycode 
data disks (Keycode, Timecode lists from OSC/R, Evertz, Flex, have I 
missed any others?).

I understand that each manufacturer believes that their product is 
best, it's a natural reaction, I guess....   Or maybe it is an offshoot 
of the "Secrets of the Trade", a-la some MKII-MKIII Rank mods of a few 
years ago....

In conversations with people over the past weeks it appears that each 
product is basically ignoring the rest of the products, and all this 
does is add further confusion when it comes to recognising other 
system's data and dealing with it for our Clients.  
I thought that KEYCODE was supposed to be a reference to origional film 
frames and interface to TIME CODE.   Databases were supposed to 
simplify this.   It should be a standard, like time code.  

Can you imagine the confusion if each of our houses put unique TIME 
CODE on client tapes that only a few other houses could read?   Am I 
out of line, or is STANDARDIZATION OF DATA TRANSFER strangely lacking 
in KEYCODE database products?   

If any Keycode database manufacturer's read this, please educate me if 
I am in error, for thats what it looks like from where I'm sitting, 
and it doesn't make any sense to me.    

Jan Janowski  Optimus