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Re: 4:2:2 Scan Flipper

At 09:50 AM 1/4/96 EST, you wrote:
>       Another advantage of the scan flip is minimizing grain artifacts -
                             Rich Torpey

Yep, this is painfully evident (especially now), because I have to change a
tube Friday afternoon that looks great in everything but 1:85 PAL.  If I had
Clearview, or a framestore that would flip the scan inverted image back to
normal, this tube could be very usable for quite a while longer.  Ideally, I
would like to have Clearview in all rooms, but do not yet have Digital
Deflection in all rooms, so in the meantime an inexpensive framestore
capable of flipping would be most useful.  The  virtues of Clearview (i.e.
the great job it does of virtually eliminating all atrocious aliasing
artifacts, and the potential tube savings of flipped scans) makes it worth
the extra expense.  It would seem that eventually the tube savings, and the
lack of rejections and redos for aliasing artifacts and grain, would pay for
the Clearview.  This box is the only method I've seen for reducing aliasing
artifacts without softening the image at all.

Craig Nichols