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Re: Keycode formats for data

 Reply to:     RE>Keycode formats for data 
One of the nice things about TIMECODE is that there is a long-recognized
standard (SMPTE and EBU), so we HAVE to have interchange. KEYKODE itself is also
standardized (format, position, data content, etc.) by recognized standards
organizations (SMPTE, ANSI).

As for DATA FILES (with TC, KK, and ancillary data), I am not sure if such a
standard exists, although I recall that FLEx (Time Logic) has been in a SMPTE
proposal form for many years.

Does anybody know if other formats (KeyLink, Avid, et al) are in any way
attempting to attain standardization via industry channels? -bt

NOTE: Having a standard of course does not guarantee compliance. There exists a
SMPTE standard for EDLs, but I don't see SONY, GVG or CMX supporting them! (Oh,
by the way, AXIAL seems to be closest in that regard.)

Date: 01-04-96  8:52
To: Topazio, Bill
From: Thomas Heinz

In conversations with people over the past weeks it appears that each 
product is basically ignoring the rest of the products, and all this 
does is add further confusion when it comes to recognising other 
system's data and dealing with it for our Clients.  
I thought that KEYCODE was supposed to be a reference to origional film 
frames and interface to TIME CODE.   Databases were supposed to 
simplify this.   It should be a standard, like time code.  

Can you imagine the confusion if each of our houses put unique TIME 
CODE on client tapes that only a few other houses could read?   Am I 
out of line, or is STANDARDIZATION OF DATA TRANSFER strangely lacking 
in KEYCODE database products?   

Jan Janowski  Optimus