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Re: KeyKode and Skotel vs. Everetz

>>I haven't heard any mention of the
Skotel TCG (I believe the model number is 333F??) versus the everetz.

I have used both systems, and would advise strongly against the Skotel. It is
not bad at doing what it does, and at one time I would have recommended it.
However, my present experience is that it is virtually unsupported, there has
been no development in at least 2 years, it does not support anything other
than 1 line of vitc, so only part of the keycode can be recorded without flex
coding. Since Osc/r disappeared there is no dedicated logging or translating
software for it. Signal path delays are limited to 3 frames I believe, and
there are no set up memories, so several changes need to be made to change
between 16 and 35mm, and it is not possible to have the reader correct for both
run and stop modes if your noise reduction has 4 or more frames delay.

If the budget is tight the skotel works, but you will spend a lot of time
checking and setting it. I would fight for an Evertz or Aaton depending on how
regular the expected usage is.

There I've said it, I've been wanting to bitch about the lack of Skotel support
for some time!