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woe is me, lost messages

I just got back from two weeks in Brasil, to find my mailbox with 530
some messages waiting for me.  I saw that my net modem power was
disconnected due to an assiduous desk-cleaning yesterday by my
girlfriend, and the PPP process was hung.  xyzoom crashed when I
HUP'ed the process, and unfortunately when I did this, I forgot that I
was logged in on another xterm reading my mail..  when the machine
came back twenty minutes later, the mail was gone.  

So if anyone sent me mail regarding the telecine group, subscribing or
whatever, and I'll bet there was plenty of that, it's gone.  I have
all the submissions to the telecine group intact, it's only the
administrative mail of subscribers and personal mail to me for the
past two weeks that is gone.  bummer, to say the least!


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