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Re: Standard 8mm transfers

In my previous life working for Rank Cintel, I developed a standard 8mm
gate for use on the Mk3 / Turbo machines. Unfortunatly it is not as easy
as just changing the sprocket on a super 8mm gate to a regular 8mm
sprocket, although this needs to be done. The image size of a standard
8mm film frame is a lot smaller and center offset relative to that of a
super 8mm film frame ( the sprocket holes are a lot bigger on regular
8mm ) so if the sprocket only is changed, a large portion of the film frame
will be masked by the super 8mm skid plate and more importantly
damaged as the rails will be running on image area.
To cut a long story short, if you need to do some regular 8mm transfers
you will either need to rent ( I did make a rental unit, although I am not
sure they have sold it ) a gate from Rank, or buy a super 8mm gate from
Rank and order the upgrade parts from Rank in Valencia ( new skid plate
and a sprocket ) and please note that some zoom and horizontal pan
offset will be required for normal image sizing.
I suggest you speak to Jay Bodnar or Curtis Christianson at Rank CIntel in
Valencia to find out if they still have one, or how long it will take to make
you one. Our BTS Quadra unit has a Super 8mm option but no Regular
8mm option. Hope this helps.
Steve Russell