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Re: Wielage in Time mag

Rob Lingelbach sez:  "I read some comments by our own Marc
Wielage, of this group and Complete Post..."


Well, that's news to me.  I did do a quickie on-line interview with some guy
from USA TODAY, and those comments did wind up in the issue that came out (I
think) last Tuesday.  

Note that I was the only guy in the article who even brought up the possibility
that maybe there might be some digital artifacts and problems in DVD.  

I finally got to see an actual 120-minute production disc of an actual feature
film at CES -- as opposed to just a 15-minute tricked-up demo -- and the
digital artifacts were extremely obvious.  Anybody who gets annoyed with, say,
DVNR problems will immediately see the flaws in DVD, at least, judging by this

I just hope that the various studios put telecine operators in charge of the
DVD compression process.  If nothing else, hey, it's an opportunity for us (and
our respective post houses) to make more money.  :-)  

--Marc Wielage
  Complete Post / Hollywood