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Re: Wielage in Time mag

Marc Wielage writes:
:I just hope that the various studios put telecine operators in charge of the
:DVD compression process.  If nothing else, hey, it's an opportunity for us
:our respective post houses) to make more money.  :-)

Boy oh Boy be careful of what you wish for!  As a former -I'm ahead of the
curve- "compressionist" for the other major post house in Atlanta all I can
say is give me telecine or give me death!  The compressionist is one of the
most tedious jobs anyone has ever devised.  I worked on both a beta version
system made by "big blue" and an alpha-ish version system made by Minerva. 
All I can say is that in the nine months I was involved I racked up over four
hundred hours of overtime - yes really -400.  

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