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Re: Wielage in Time mag

Marc Wielage writes:
:I just hope that the various studios put telecine operators in charge of the
:DVD compression process.  If nothing else, hey, it's an opportunity for us
:our respective post houses) to make more money.  :-)

Anyway - The quality of video (MPEG) that is generated at low bit rates is
unacceptable although computer people are amazed to see 12fps in a tiny
window. At higher bitrates (3Mbs and above) the video looks pretty good
compared to VHS. I don't know what rates the DVD you saw were but at the spec
rate I would think it would beat VHS hands down.  We have lived with artifacts
since the beginning of television and these are just different - hey at least
it component.

About the money thing - I don't see MPEG as the mint some would have you
believe.  Human intervention is most justified at the lowest bitrates and the
cost benefit declines rapidly as the bitrates go up.  Just think about all the
automatic compression that USSB and DirecTV do and IMHO it looks pretty darn
good.  As the algorithms get better I see compression as a dub process and I
don't want to be a Duper again.

Have fun in the sun as we slide in the snow!


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