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Re: compressionism

> Boy oh Boy be careful of what you wish for!  As a former -I'm ahead of the
> curve- "compressionist" for the other major post house in Atlanta all I can

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I to have been involved in compression over at Crest National. We have 
been working with the Minerva and most recently have been working with 
the Minerva MPEG-2 format. I have been involved off and on in telecine 
for 10 years or more. Currently I am an Avid and On-line editor learning 
more about the future of the medium we work in - compressed video. What I 
fail to see is why it takes a colorist to do this work. I think that it 
requires somebody with an eye for color and detail. I do not mean to say 
you are wrong but lets not assume nobody else is capable! Thanks for 
listening! CW

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