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>From: Nestor M. Rodriguez, MP&TV Imaging, Miami, 06069

Subject: Optical Film Recording Systems

Hi Rob!

Chile Films is a high-end telecine/post-production facility in Santiago
(Ursa/DaVinci, SGI/Advance-Matador, negative film processing, etc.).
Al Cohen (their maintenance/development manager) has asked me to inquire
about vendors who manufacture equipment that can "print" optical soundtracks
on negative from videotape soundtracks (specifically Betacam SP).  Since I
am not aware of such hardware, I told him that I would ask you to circulate
his request on your telecine web to see if anyone could offer him any info
or help on the subject (it does not matter to him whether the hardware
available or necessary to do this is new or used).  Thanks again.

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