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colorist opportunity

Video Plant in Hollywood has an immediate need for a colorist with Mk
3C/Classic da Vinci/TLC experience --for commercial and feature dailies work
in the evenings (full-time).  Interested parties should speak with Mark or
Colin at 213-464-4351.    
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 00:24:59 -0800
To: telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com
From: dmaggart at earthlink.net (Dwaine Maggart)
Subject: Whereabouts of Bob Davis

Rodney Grubbs, NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center wrote:
>Does anyone know where I can get hold of Bob Davis?  He is 
>an expert on Bosch telecines, and as recently as last year 
>did freelance work out of Salt Lake City, Utah.  All the 
>contact numbers I have for him are disconnected.  
Bob is alive and well, and again working for BTS out of the Salt Lake City
You should be able to contact him there.

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