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webpage message archives split

The message traffic has increased on this group to the point where I
can't keep a single set of archives on the server...so for the new
year I'm splitting up the archives such that 1994-5 are in one
section, and 1996 is in another.  I wish it were possible to keep them
all together, but the subject index alone for 1994-5 takes 203k, which
represents, at a typical (?) 14.4k net connection at least 5 minutes
to download.  Either we improve our connection speeds or I have to
split the archives ;-).

At the current rate of growth for this group, I'll have to split the
archives again in July.... 360 subscribers now, 50 added in the past 6

The message archives are powerful, I encourage anyone just joining
this mailing list to make use of them; URL is
'http://www.alegria.com/telecine/engineering.html'.  Keyword,
subject, thread, date, and author searches are available.  The date
indexing isn't quite right yet due to a formatting problem I have
(seems there are many 'standards' for date headers), but everything
else works well.

The equipment is installed for alegria.com's 56k Frame Relay net
connection, it should be up and running within a week or so.


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