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SMPTE-NY Meeting

SMPTE - NY Section Meeting
       Wednesday, January 17, 1996
       Kodak Digital Imaging Center
       90 Park Ave (at 40th St) 11th Fl
       5:00p Refreshments
       5:45p Program Starts
       Film Cleaning - What Do We Do Now?
       As of January 1, 1996 the manufacture of the most widely used film
cleaning solvent, 1,1,1 trichloroethane, is banned by law. Alternate
aqueous, semi aqueous and man made solvents as well as prototypes of new
cleaning machines are being tested by film laboratories, post video houses,
film archives and film exchanges. Operators are making hard decisions on
what to do after the cleaning solvent of choice is no longer available. Can
they use existing expensive machinery? What are the health hazards? what are
the disposal and reclamation problems? Will the costs increase? What are the
alternatives to solvent cleaning? Find out the pros and cons from a panel of
highly respected experts in the field on January 17th. Each speaker will
cover different aspects of this suddenly controversial subject.
       Edward A. Kurz, Technical Associate
       MPTVI Products
       Eastman Kodak Co.
       Manfred G. Michelson, President
       Technical Film Systems Inc.
       Jonathan Banks, Vice President
       RTI/Lipsner Smith Co.
       Donald T. Wanamaker, Vice President
       Environmental Management Ltd.
       Edgar Schuller
       Entertainment Video Systems
       After the meeting, plan on joining the speakers, officers and
managers for a social gathering. Meet at Tequila Sunrise Restaurant, 99 Park
Ave., directly across from the Kodak Digital Imaging Center. A light buffet
sponsored by the speakers will be served. Cash bar.
NOTE: All are welcome - you do not have to be a member to attend!