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Artisan Nightmares

-- [ From: David Keleshian * EMC.Ver #2.10P ] --

 Well I am well into my feature on the DUI system I have had the DUI
crash mid programing and I also have had some problems editing to D1
with the new TLC2.
 Ok problems...what to do??? is anyone out there doing features with
the DUI                    One or two tips...for those who are used to
DVs use the there is a gotcha in the options 
menu that makes all your MEM's do both pan and color moves...I prefer
to separate the two so watch out. Also the "features" panel blows away
the standard DV panel I love the feel and the look of it I feel it
should become the standard DV panel. S--- can the old 
panel. Also may I suggest to put a separate file for each reel you
program. It seem the larger the file the clunker the system gets. It
seems when you just get a rhythm going
the system starts its backup and if your file is over 200 events long
it might seem like it's taking a long time to come back to life.
 Nightmares is not a good title for this system because I do think it
blow away any system currently available but because it is so new it
does have it's bugs.
 LOADS!! of thanks to Dave and Dwane at DV, dont get frustrated you
have a winner
also thanks for putting up with me on the phone when I do have problems
you always 
are there for me.
 Dave Keleshian