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employment posting

We have a need for a facilities engineer experienced in telecine and
general bench maintenance as well. the name of the company is Producers
Color Service.  Address 24242 Northwestern Highway, Southfield, MI
48075.  We are a full service production and post production house.

 The following specs are the job descrpition for the engineer....

Will be responsible for Routine maintenance of a Rank Turbo II with
digital deflection, meta-speed, RTS, Accom StillStore, telecine color
corrections systems/Colorvision Copernicus preferred.

Opportunities for growth in High Definition telecine technology.  We
have the BTS FLH 1000 CDD-Line array High Definition Telecine with
internal digital down conversion.

The engineer would also be responsiblke for maintenance of several
on-line and composite edit suites... this is a great opportunity to work
in a challenging state of the art environment...interested parties may
contact Mr. Gregg Tiryakian, tel # 810.352.5353 or 800.727.8700 or may
also contact Gregg with e-mail at gregg at mich.com

thank you

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