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definition of colorist?

Received the following question today from Harry Franchino of Eastman

> I work with Kyle Alvut at Eastman Kodak. We would like to know if
> there is an "offical" definition for a colorist ??

Does anybody have an answer to that?  My preemptive answers are: 

1) it's actually 'collarist', which we make sure have enough starch;

2) in the beginning, when the first telecine facility opened, those
who who had dexterity enough to place the metal cue tabs on the film
accurately were, naturally, called 'wrists' so one would 'call a
wrist' when one booked a transfer;

3) it doesn't matter, nobody outside of telecine circles will
understand what we do anyway, so I don't even use 'colorist', I say
'film/video engineer', which is familiar enough.


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