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Re: "Dirt Boxes" DVNR

At 05:39 AM 1/11/96 EST, you wrote:
>Craig Nichols asked;
>    >> concerning dirt and scratch removal with the Digital Vision DVNR or the
>    >> MNR-11.  Now that more people have perhaps seen, and or used both

>To open the discussion further this compromise between filtering and motion
>is equally as relevant for recursive / temporal filtering so it has been very
>interesting for 
>us this past week as we have loaded one of the DVNRs with the new ANR
option and
>have been putting the old and new head to head.  The difference is astounding.

>Seamus O'Kane. 
>VTR Ltd London.

Whilst in the middle of dousing a few fires, I briefly got to see the DVNR
1000 with the new ANR, and I must say that it is a big improvemnet over the
previous version of noise reduction they offered. It was possible to remove
a great deal of noise from a blue sky without introducing lag.  
We had a BTS MNR11 that "crashed and burned" the other day resulting in a
burned hole in one of the larger chips.  It is now trying to recover
somewhere in Germany.  Meanwhile, the MNR9 that is on loan does not talk to
the DUI evev though it is a menu selection.  As far as dirt and scratch
processing, we found that the MNR11 works great on the demo tape, but have
been somewhat unhappy with its range when dealing with real world signals.
The DVNR appears to have more range, and appears to be able to work with a
variety of source material. 

Craig Nichols