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Re: DUI Combo marks

If I am using the equivalent of combo marks on one of our DUI's and I want to
recall an event or scroll through the list, but only recall color info for
example, I hit <CMD> <CLR> to disable the pan events only.  

Hitting <CMD> <PAN> does the opposite, turning off all color events.

It can get more complicated if you want to recall an event with Power Window
corrections.  Usually I recall all the color events, i.e. TK Color, Primary,
Secondary and Effects. If I then want to keep my Internal and External window
corrections but start from scratch with a new window shape I hit <CMD> <NONE>
then <CMD> <EFX>  which turns off everything but the effects list.  By
hitting the MEM key it will recall my Base Window shape setting.

I have thought about making a Macro to disable whatever lists I didn't need
and putting me in scroll mode, maybe that would be faster.

Chris Ryan
Manhattan Transfer