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Re: definition of colorist?

>I went to a new doctor recently. He walked in, introduced himself, and
>said, "So how long have you been coloring hair?, my wife's a stylist".
>"Huh?" was all I could say. "It says right here, you're a colorist -- my
>wife's got friends who do that"  I'm gonna start my tupperware/ lingerie
>parites soon......
>I usually (aside from being spacey when filling out a medical form) tell
>people I do group therapy.
>They are usually wide- eyed. "Yep" I say,  I sit in a room with other
>people, sometimes as many as 20,
>and I go around the room and say "are you Happy?", are you, and you happy?
>When everybody's happy I move on. Sometimes though, they have serious
>problems. "it" might not feel happy to them, or bold, or ballsy, or light,
>or airy, or fierce, and then I tell them, hang on for a minute and let me
>think about it.
>.... "there, feel better?"  usually by now they're starting to feel just
>fine, that's when I have my assistant pour martinis.... lemon twist,
>shaken, no vermouth.
>And that's how group therapy works......


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