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Need transfer service...

Let me run this by again. If anyone out there is set up to do this, let me 
know so I can get in touch with your marketing people.

I have a small job, 400 feet of neg and print art Technicolor in Hollywood, 
that I need a transfer of. The situation is this: The film is there, it 
needs to get to a transfer facility. I am interested in getting a transfer 
of both the neg and the print, on VHS. My main concern is image stability, 
thus whom ever does the work must be able to properly set up the film. The 
format is: Neg: VistaVision, the print (hopefully) is 2x compressed. With 
the print, I would like a straight across transfer and a 2x expanded 
transfer (so I get something more or less letterbox).After all of this, I 
need it sent to my New York office. Thus, what I need is:

1.      Pick-up from Technicolor of one roll neg, one roll print
2.      Transfers:      a)      from neg, as a vistavision, just make it 
full frame
                              b)        from print, straight, not 
compensating for                                                 compression
                              c)        from print, expanded 2x
3.      Shipping to New York 
And, I need this all on one bill. 

Anyone interested?

I can take a proforma invoice and start the paperwork, I do not expect 
anyone to do anything with getting paid first.
Thank you
Leo Cherne