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Re: Ultra Stereo

>     Can anybody tell me what Ultra-Stereo is,and how you decode (if
>     needed) it? Dave Best Post Perfect

Dave, Ultra Stereo is a 4 channel encoding process that is reasonably
compatible with Dolby Surround. It is played back in the telecine suite
using a mag player and Dolby "Type A" Noise Reduction, and may be Surround
Decoded with any Dolby Compatible (Pro-Logic) Decoder.

Ultra Stereo may best be described as a Generic replacement for Dolby
Surround requirements in which the film's producer does not have to pay a
licensing fee to Dolby Labs, but still may produce film sound tracks that
may be decoded in theaters equipped to reproduce SOF Dolby Surround.
Properly decoded, the two track LTRT Print Master  will yield 4 channels of
sound: Left, Center, Right and Surround.

I hope this answers your questions.

Tom Nottingham
Complete Post Telecine
Tom Nottingham

"You pays your money...and you takes your choice."
S. T. Nottingham Jr.