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Sony BVM 1910 Monitors BK board cap change

In checking with Sony parts, have found that on BVM1910 monitors, on 
the BK board, there has been capacitor values changes...

the  33uf/16V caps have been changed to 33uf/50V  (1-104-792-51)
the  47uf/25V caps have been changed to 47uf/50V  (1-124-910-11)
the 10uf/160V caps have been changed to 10uf/200V (1-128-475-11)
the 10uf/200V caps have been changed to 10uf/250V (1-107-652-11)

does anyone know when this occcurred or has any FEB relating to this?
I have not been able to find anyone at Sony who has knowledge of this, 
and the BK board has been failure prone in the past...  The increase in 
voltages & temperature range of caps sure points to a problem...

Jan Janowski