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Serial D-1 Jitter

                      Subject:                              Time:  12:56 PM
  OFFICE MEMO         Serial D-1 Jitter                     Date:  1/24/96

Dear fellow Telecine Group members,
We have a pretty big GVG serial router for our D-1 signals here ( 96x96 ). 
Some of those signals are derived from Parallel only devices such as
Digiscan-4 Ranks or older Accom DNR's and are serialized using Miranda
parallel to serial converters.  Others are from devices with direct serial
outputs such as DaVinci 8:8:8 Processors.  Some of the signals exhibit very
little jitter when measured on the AAVS Digital Signal Analyser but others
have up to about 1.60 ns of jitter which sometimes causes failure of the
signals intermittently.  The jitter doesn't seem to be related to any class of
device, some Miranda derived signals are low jitter, others are high.  What
has been the experience of some of the rest of you with dealing with this sort
of thing?
Dave Corbitt