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25fps Film Shoot in America

One of our clients has asked for some advice regarding a production they
are currently working on. I do not know if the telecine will happen in
the UK or USA, or why they are taking the rather odd route detailed

Super 16 film shoot with sync audio on Dat in the United States.

Telecine transfer of neg rushes and sync audio in PAL

PAL edit (Avid then Online) in the UK.

PAL to NTSC Conversion

NTSC transmission in the United States.

As the post production will be in Pal, it seems to make sense for the
super 16 to be shot at 25fps, but the film crew are not very keen on
doing this because of possible strobing problems with HMI's etc.
They have suggested shooting at 24fps with 30fps time code on the Dat
which I don't think will be very useful for a Pal TK session.

Any ideas on the best way to get round the 25fps/HMI problem and still
retain audio sync without having to do a veri-speed TK session?

Thanks for any help

Brian Metherell (TVP)