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I've been having problems with "sparkles" on a Mk III, Digi IV Rank for some
time now.  Rather than go over the dozens of things that have been attempted
to relieve the problem, let me just say that the problem seems to be related
to static discharge; either of the film or something else, and that the only
thing that's been tried that has partially relieved the problem has been to
increase the humidity in the Rank area to around 55%.
The sparkles have the following characteristics:

1) They are one field in duration, followed by a clean field, followed by
another one field duration of the same sparkle in the same position.
2) They are colorless, white, and exceedingly small.
3) They all appear in the upper 1/3 of the picture area, within a horizontal
band approx 30 - 40 lines wide.
4) They are more numerous when running 30 fps versus 24 fps
5) They are far more numerous and elongated, horizontally, when running
6) They never appear when the transport is still.

Anyone who can come up with a solution for this problem will receive part of
my estate upon my demise, as well as my first born child.