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Re: Sparkles----------------

At 09:22 AM 1/26/96 U, you wrote:
> Reply to:     RE>Sparkles---------------------
>Some interesting clues, but are you sure there's a correlation
>to all the various Rank modes?
>Most of the random white flashes we get (aside from plain old 
>memory/addressing fubars) is due to static discharge.  
I've also seen plastic reel hold downs contribute to the static discharge
problem.  Changing back to the old clunky roller destroying steel hold downs
has solved similar problems in the past. One way of "sniffing out" static
discharge problems is to take an AM radio tuned to an unused station, and
move it around the film path.  This can help locate if the problem is on the
capstan, reel motor, or hold down area.  Often, clicking on the radio will
occur at the same time a zit is seen.  The newer reel motor grounding kit
that Rank uses on the Turbo also helps in some situations.  In some
instances I've had to reroute the Burn cell wires (as Dave Corbitt
suggests), or ground the capstan motor case. Sometimes the high voltage air
knife or static blaster supply can cause sparkles. Cleaning the supply leads
fixes the problem. BTW, sometimes, the grounding of the capstan case can fix
intermittent "capstan bumps" or "hiccups" in some machines. 

Craig Nichols