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>                                                                    18:00 
>  OFFICE MEMO                                                 Time:
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>                      BLANKITY-BLANK BLANKING                       01-24-96
>                                                              Date:
>We have noticed an anomaly with our ACCOM D-Bridge equipment that I 
>can't explain.  If we take a D2 signal, decode it with a D-221 and 
>then re-encode it to D2 with a D-122, I get an extra 100-150ns of 

Bill, I don't know if it will help, but Accom supplied us with a modified 
PROM for the D122 to give us narrower blanking, so that we had some head 
room for Tape to Tape, editing etc.  I seem to remember that it reduced 
blanking to around 10.6 uS.

Andy Toms