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Re: FWD>RE>Serial D-1 Jitter

At 05:04 PM 1/26/96 -0500, you wrote:
>FWD>RE>Serial D-1 Jitter
>Thanks for the hints.  Most of our jitter problems are from Rank and look to
>be related to the PLL on the 934 cards.  

I have the same problem. It is worse in PAL. 

>Craig, did you measure jitter before and after doing the Rank change note
>Dave Corbitt
The jitter in NTSC before the mod Rank calls change 33102 was in the
neighboorhood of 1.2 nS in NTSC, and in excess of 1.5 nS in PAL.  By doing
the change, the jitter improved to about 570 pS in NTSC.  I have not had the
chance to measure in PAL yet. I used a Tek WFM 601i for measurement, and
used a limit of 1 Khz. I hope to do some more measurement and tweaking, and
hopefully maybe even do some further "voodotronic" sacrifices to the "jitter
gods" when I can get the room again. I suspect that by tweaking the 934 PLL,
and trying some of Rank's suggested hand picking of chips, I might be able
to do a little better.

Craig Nichols