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BKSTS Wallcharts

BKSTS recently added a new chart to their acclaimed series of technical
wallcharts.  This new chart describes all of the Current Film Formats together
with an up to date reference for the corresponding Standards.  Full details of
all the charts may be found on the BKSTS home page at
http://www.zynet.co.uk/smiles/bksts.htm and orders may be placed by email to the
office at movimage at bksts.demon.co.uk or by fax to -(44) 171 405 3560

Other charts in the same series include Film Gauges and Sound-tracks, Widescreen
and 3D formats, Motion Picture Colour Processes, Systems for Special
Venues/Theme Parks and lastly, Videotape and recording formats.  
BKSTS are currently offering a full set to members for L75 ($115 approx), which
normally cost L90 overseas and L78 in the UK.  Individual charts are L13 UK,
L15 overseas.
These charts are invaluable aids to improving good communication with clients of
laboratories and telecine houses.

3 Robinsfield Hemel Hempstead Herts HP1 1RW UK
Phone and fax -(44) - 1442 251257
72022.15 at Compuserve.com