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Re: Serial D-1 Jitter

In a message dated 96-01-26 18:31:09 EST, telecine at xyzoom.alegria.com writes:

>Re: Serial D-1 Jitter

One sugesstion was to design a better PLL to deal with Jitter.  This already
exists.... it's called a Frame Sync.  The most effective way to eliminate
jitter in a D1 signal is to drive to PLL with a good Jitter free house sync. 

All reclocking DA's that I am aware of just reshape Jitter as previously
suggested, because they have nothing to lock to other than the incoming

If an internal clock was used the output of the DA wouldn't be in time with
the input. Which brings you back to a Frame Sync, not a low cost solution at
$4000 range rather than well under $1000 for a DA. 

Rich Zabel
Tekniche, Inc.