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More on "Sparkles"

                      Subject:                              Time:  9:03 AM
  OFFICE MEMO         More on "Sparkles"                    Date:  1/29/96

Gee, thanks Jim, for the kid.  Mine have recently gotten old enough to finally
be out of the house so I guess I needed to restock.
More about those capstan related sparkles. Our capstan related sparkles were
minimized by moving the burn cell wiring as far from the capstan as possible
but the final solution to this was to have the capstan rebuilt to replace the
motor brushes.  Brush arcing will cause noise that is picked up mostly by the
burn cell but it can also get into the rest of the color channel at a lesser
amplitude.  It was interesting to see all the ingenious ways many of the group
have devised for detecting the RF noise via antenna wires hung onto scope
probes or an AM radio being used as a noise detector.  It's that kind of
information that makes this group so interesting.
Thanks for all the fish.
Dave Corbitt