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drypur rollers

I have to say I was possibly one of the first people to use the rollers in
London, circa 1983/4.  I thought they did a wonderful job, so long as you had at
least 2 sets and rotated them and also bought new ones from time to time.  Are
you really sure you want to put this slightly outdated technology on your URSA?
I strongly recommend  the PTR's which simply bolt onto the lead in roller and
lead out roller.  The micromattes work beautifully, they need washing (do not
use sticky tape) regularly and don't seem to interfere as much with the film
path as the Drypurs.  If you must put the Drypurs on, I presume you have the
block that goes above the gate, all you need to do is locate the holes in the
deck plate (which still exist, they are just covered up), drill and Bob's your

Good luck!

Ken Robinson
(BTW Floppy Hats are out)